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Disaster Preparedness

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We live in a world full of uncertainties and we do not know when disasters can strike us. They can fall

dead down from the sky at times and places nobody would even think about. You may be working,

travelling, fishing or even sleeping when a disaster strikes and there is nothing more dangerous than not

being ready for it. While these do not have to necessarily be natural such as earthquakes, tsunamis,

floods, landslides or tornadoes. It can be flight, train accident or a bridge or building collapse or a fire.

Hence, it is important that everyone must always prepare to face the challenges of any disaster. Though

employers across the world from disaster prone areas try to keep their employees ready, disaster

preparedness can definitely help to save many lives.


Disaster preparedness can always help you stay away from the dangers that linger after a disaster has

struck. In disaster management, one of the most crucial and intricate problems is to manage people

after a disaster. There would be people needing medication, food and a place to rest. If it is cold, then

there has to be warm clothes for the people to wear. While all of these cannot be arranged at such a

place, you may want to consider what you would need if such a disaster has struck. Disaster

preparedness can be helpful to people who live at places where there is high chances of disasters such

as earthquakes, tsunamis or even cyclones. Being prepared is the best thing that anyone can do in the

wake of a disaster.

One of the first things to embrace disaster preparedness is to create a Natural Disaster Kit. By preparing

a disaster kit, you are definitely getting ready for the disasters that might loom in front of you. Disasters

are always about getting yourself through the hardships and difficulties and how long you can hang in

there before you just begin your life, once again.


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For most people living on the planet earth, earthquakes and tsunamis are all about what they read and learn in Geography or what they see...