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Natural Calamities

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natural calamity

Natural calamities are something that no one can escape from and every part of the world is pretty

much prone to any sort of natural calamity. So it becomes important that we learn to deal with the

effects of calamities. Through this, we can help ourselves and our community to recover from the evil

effects having undergone and suffered great casualties in the hands of such calamities. One of the

biggest problems that most people have to face while recovering from a calamity is know that how

tragically unprepared they are actually for a recovery.

So, let us find how one can actually help their community get for any sort of natural calamity and how

they can get back onto track to recover from the effects of such a calamity.

There are actually six ways in which your community can be helped.

Natural Calamity

Always be prepared for a natural calamity, no matter what:

Like it is already mentioned, one of the worst nightmares of people amidst a calamity is to know that

how unprepared they are and that can be quite annoying. So, the first thing about recovery is to

prepare for the worst. You must not only prepare yourself, but also must prepare your family and

members of your community to endure at least for 3 days in any case of emergency. You can begin this

by communicating with your community leaders and its importance. You can coordinate with people

who have been in this before as well and devise effective strategies.

Natural Calamity

You must take care of you and your family:

While you are doing everything you can to save people of your community, your priority during a

calamity is to take good care of your family and yourself. Make sure that your family is safe before set

out for helping other and make sure that you protect yourself well as well. Before plunging yourself into

helping other, put on some gear and watch out for hazards on your ways. That is what an intelligent

person who wants to help others do.


Online help can mean a lot to you:

If you are struck by a natural calamity, there will be people trying to help you from across the world. So

the best idea to accept these help is to get online. Where you publish the information and getting it

from and doing it online has the potential to larger group of people instantly. You will be able to accept

help online quicker than in person and doing so makes perfect sense as it is more efficient.

Find a gathering place:

When a natural calamity is struck, finding a place where you can gather people and volunteers is

important. People would always want to help during such problems and managing them to do what is

necessary can be quite challenging. So, have places like playground or school parking lot to gather



Record everything:

You must record everything that happens. When you have volunteers helping you, make sure that they

sign waivers for security reasons and record the same. You need to also record who worked where and

for how many hours.

You must train yourself:

Helping people can be tiring and you may have to put in more efforts that you would ever have. So train

yourself. However, since you can burnout after a certain time, you need to learn to let go and someone

else carry the torch. Once, the initial chaos and pandemonium is set, there will be more organized

volunteers and organizations come for the help.


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